privacy and cookie policy

  1. Who are we

    We are Jobberwocky and we operate the website located at, and associated application (hereinafter referred as the „Website“).

    In connection with the processing of personal data described below we, the operator of the Website, act as data controller.

    You are a visitor and user of the Website and possibly a data subject in scope of this document.

  2. Purpose of this document

    This document is intended to inform you about personal data we might collect and process in accordance with the regulation 2016/679 EU General data protection regulation.

  3. Your privacy matters to us

    We do value privacy and with privacy in mind we have designed our service. We understand that we are handling sensitive data you do not want to share with just anybody. Our service is therefore based on strict pseudonymization. You as a user of our services operate under a randomly generated nickname and in contrast to other HR services we do not ask about information that can indirectly identify you such as companies you worked for in the past, age, postal address etc. You are the only one who decides if you want to share these information with the other party.

    In order to operate the service we need to be able to contact you. That is why we ask for your email during the registration. However we do not share your email with the hiring managers or candidates. It is used only for the purposes of maintaining business relationship between us.

    We will never sell your personal data to third parties.

  4. Data we collect and how we use it

    In this section we describe the data we might collect and process about you and inform you about your choices. Not all the data collected are personal data however we want to be transparent about the data collection even in these situations.

    1. Visiting the Website

      During your visit to the Website we analyze how you interact with it in order to better understand the user experience and to be able to improve it. Most of the data collected is not personal data and is kept in aggregated form for statistical analysis. However in order to distinguish visitors one from the other we need temporarily to assign an individual ID which is done by setting up a cookie in your browser.

      1. Website usage analysis

        The Website uses website analysis service for gathering aggregated statistical data about usage of the Website. No personally identifying data are collected for this analysis. We use this data to improve the Website and your user experience and to help us improve the reach of our services.

        The service uses cookies that are set up in your browser according to your browser settings. We interpret these settings as a consent to set up the cookies. If you do not want us to set the cookies, please change your settings. For more information about cookies please see section 6 of this Policy.

      2. Device information

        In order to better understand how the Website is being used we might collect information about the device the Website is accessed from and other technical information such as the operating system used, screen resolution, browser software etc. This information will not be used to create a unique device fingerprint but for creating a statistical data.

        This information will be used to analyze usage of the Website in order to improve the user experience for specific devices, operating systems, hardware and software settings.

        This information is collected only based on your consent which we ask you to give us the first time you enter the Website.

    2. Registration and Questionnaire

      In order to register on the Website you are required to fill in your email, set up a password and choose a nickname.

      We will use the email to stay in touch with you in relation to the registration and our services. Important notices will be sent to you via the email provided or you can get in touch with us in order to handle your requests (e.g. password resetting).

      After the registration you are asked to fill in a questionnaire to set up your professional and personal profile. On the basis of your answers the system will determine your personal and professional values in order to make a “person-environment fit” analysis and determine possible best job opportunities for you or if you are a hiring manager to determine the best candidates for the job. Details about the process are cover on the Website and the published paper.

      If a match is found you and the hiring manager (or the candidates if you are the hiring manager) are connected on the platform and you are free to negotiate the next steps of your career (or hiring process). We will not share the answers to the questionnaire to the other party nor your contact or identification details.

      The service right now is in test phase and is not providing relevant job opportunities. The users are encouraged to test it and provide feedback. The data inserted will be used to test the application and to refine the algorithms.

      The registration and related personal data processing is conducted based on your consent given during the registration process.

      The data from the test phase will be kept no longer than two years. After the launch of the full version of the service you will be notified and asked if you would like to convert your registration from the test phase to full version registration. You will be notified of the changes to the terms and conditions of the service and this Policy. If you will not agree to convert the registration in one year after the launch the registration will be terminated and the data deleted.

    3. Newsletter

      As you register on the Website through the registration form where you enter your email address, you have an option to refuse our marketing communication. If do not refuse this communication we will send you news about our services and other interesting stuff related to our services. You can also register for our newsletter from the Website without registering an account by filling a form and giving us your consent.

      You can revise your choice about receiving the newsletter any time from your account settings or by using a link in the newsletter email.

      The email address will be used for the marketing communication as long as you have a registered account or until you refuse to receive the newsletter. If you registered to our newsletter without registering an account we will ask you once every three years if you want to stay in touch with us and if you do not renew your consent we will stop sending you marketing emails.

  5. Who is involved in the processing
    1. Connecting the users

      The purpose of the project is to connect potential candidates with the hiring managers for the job that best matches the candidates profile. If a match between a candidate and potential job offer is found the platform will allow the candidate and the hiring manager to get in contact with each other on the platform. We will not share real world contact details like email with the users also remember that all communication will be held under nicknames.

    2. Service providers

      We will not sell your personal data to anybody. However our services rely on services from our partners that help us deliver better services to you and especially ensure that the data are kept securely. We choose our service providers with care and with security and confidentiality of your personal data in mind. Our service providers are bound by contractual obligations to keep your data secure and private. We do not share more data than necessary with our service providers. Below we describe how are our service providers involved in the processing.

      1. Auth0

        We use Auth0 services for handling secure authentication for our services. Authentication services include email verification and password resetting.

        Auth0 services are provided by Auth0, Inc. a company established in the USA. We have a data processing contract according to the GDPR in place with Auth0, Inc. and they have acquired a Privacy Shield certification for international transfers.

      2. Google Firebase

        We use a Google Firebase services for hosting, running back-end of our application and to store the data.

        Google Firebase services are provided by Google LLC a company established in the USA. We have a data processing contract according to the GDPR in place with Google LLC and they have acquired a Privacy Shield certification for international transfers.

      3. Google Analytics

        We use a Google analytics services for Website usage analysis (as described above in section 4.1.1 of this Policy).

        Google Analytics services are provided by Google LLC a company established in the USA. We have a data processing contract according to the GDPR in place with Google LLC and they have acquired a Privacy Shield certification for international transfers.

      4. Mailchimp

        We use a Mailchimp application for handling mass email communication including communication related to providing our services and the newsletter (as described above in sections 4.2 and 4.3 of this Policy).

        Mailchimp services are provided by The Rocket Science Group LLC a company established in the USA. We have a data processing contract according to the GDPR in place with The Rocket Science Group LLC and they have acquired a Privacy Shield certification for international transfers.

    3. Privacy Shield information

      Privacy Shield framework is a compliance mechanism negotiated by the U.S. government and the European Commission to ensure privacy and personal data security for data transfers from the EU to the United States. It is compliant with the GDPR to transfer data to entities certified in the Privacy Shield under standard contractual terms. The rights of the Eu citizens are enforced by the U. S. Department of Commerce. More on the Privacy Shield framework can be found on the Privacy Shield website.

  6. Cookies used on the Website

    Cookies are small text files that are stored in your browser. They are used by web developers to help users navigate their websites efficiently and perform certain functions. Due to their core role of enhancing/enabling usability or site processes, disabling cookies may prevent users from using certain functionality of the Website. To find more about cookies you can visit the or related wikipedia page.

    1. Cookies and similar technologies we use
      Cookie or similar technology
      Used by Google Analytics to register a unique ID that is used to generate statistical data on how the visitor uses the Website. Expiration 2 years.
      Used by Google Analytics to throttle request rate. Expiration 1 minute.
      Used by Google Analytics to register a unique ID that is used to generate statistical data on how the visitor uses the Website. Expiration 1 day.
      Used by Google Analytics to store the analytics aggregate data. Pixel http request call.
      Used by Auth0 service to handle the authentication and security. Expiration 24 hours.
      Technical cookie for storing the data about the session. Used by us to provide the functionality of the Website and our services.
    2. More information
      1. Google Analytics

        More information on Google Analytics cookies can be found on the Google Analytics developers website.

      2. Auth0 services cookies

        More information on the usage of cookies for the authentication in Auth0 services can be found on the Auth0 documentation website. Use the search function to locate the information you need.

    3. Your choices
      1. In general

        You can set your browser to reject all cookies or just the ones you select. Your setting might be interpreted as your consent with storing and using cookies. You can learn how to set your browser preference in the Help section of your browser. Should you decide to reject all cookies, please remember that the Website and our application might not function properly.

      2. Google Analytics

        You can opt-out of the Google Analytics by using the Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on.

      3. Technical and security cookies

        The Auth0 services cookie is used handle secure authentication to our services. Our technical cookie is necessary to ensure proper functionality of the Website. Therefore these cookies are necessary to provide the services to you. If you want to use our services we need to set up these cookies. If you forbid to set up these cookies then the the Website or the application might not work for you or the functionality might be severely hindered.

  7. Advice on rights

    If you are located in the EU, you have the following rights in connection with processing of your personal data: (1) the right of access to personal data, (2) the right to rectification of inaccurate personal data, (3) the right to restriction of processing, (4) the right to erasure of personal data, (5) he right to object to processing of personal data, (6) the right to revoke your consent, (7) the right to data portability and (8) the right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority.

    We need to verify your identity when you make a request to exercise any of the rights mentioned above. Please submit the request with the e-mail address you have provided us.

    1. Right of access

      In relation to processing of personal data, you have the right to obtain, upon your request, information about the processing and the copy of your processed data.

    2. Right to rectification

      When you regard your personal data as inaccurate, outdated or incorrect in any other way, you have the right to contact us and we will ensure due rectification.

    3. Right to restriction of processing

      In cases presumed in Article 18 of GDPR, e.g. where the personal data under processing are inaccurate or you have objected to processing, you have the right to restriction of the processing.

      For the period of the restriction, personal data shall only be stored with us and may not be subject to any other operation without your consent. The restriction of processing lasts for the duration of any of the above described situations. You shall be informed of the termination of such restriction.

    4. Right to erasure (right to be forgotten)

      In cases presumed in Article 17 of GDPR, e.g. when you withdraw your consent or the personal data are no longer necessary, you have the right to their erasure.

      Nevertheless, in some cases the right to erasure is limited. For example, personal data processed for compliance with legal obligations imposed on us must not be erased before the expiry of the retention period specified in law.

    5. Right to object

      In case of the processing based on legitimate interests and/or for the purposes of direct marketing, you may raise a reasoned objection to the processing. The grounds for the objection will be assessed and you will be notified of the decision.

    6. The right to withdraw consent to processing of personal data

      In case of processing of personal data based on consent, this consent may be withdrawn at any time.

    7. Right to data portability

      Where the processing of personal data provided by you is based on consent or on a contract and is carried out completely by automated means and the personal data are stored in a structured, machine-readable format, you have the right to receive these personal data in a structured, machine-readable format.

    8. Right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority

      If you consider that your personal data are processed not according to law, you have the right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority of your habitual residence, place of work or place of the alleged infringement.

  8. Changes to this Policy

    We reserve the right to change this Policy at any time. You will always be notified about substantial changes.

  9. Contact details

    If you have any questions or inquiries do not hesitate to contact us on