Work with people who complete you

Looking for a new job is tough. We want you to spend your time where it counts: doing it. Our personality matching algorithm will only connect you with teams that you will get along with, based on your values, personality traits, and even political views.


Your gender, race, age, or religion are nobody's business. Our matching algorithm takes into account factors that really matter: your search preferences, skills, and personality traits.


We show you jobs that actually make sense. This way, you only need to talk to a handful of teams. Then get an offer from one of them. Or two. Or everyone.


We value your privacy, so you’re anonymous by default. Your personal data, like name or contacts, are only revealed if you decide to do so. Just like it should be in 2023.

Well it all sounds great, but how does this matching actually work? recommender engine only shows you roles that make sense, meaning they fit your
location preferences, your job aspirations and most importantly, they
come from the people you’ll get along with
Ok that sounds great. So how do I tell you about myself?
We’ll guide you through this. Once you’ve signed up, we’ll ask you a few
questions so that we know:
1. The type of role that you are looking for
2. The ideal location
3. Your previous experience, skills and talents.
And then we’ll ask even more questions to understand your personality better. But this will be fun, promise!
Ok. What happens next?
You’ll see people that we think match you well. If there is an interest
from both sides, you’ll be able to connect and chat
That makes sense. Where do I start?
Right here
Get in touch
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